Spring 2021 is now OPEN!

UPDATED 03/12/2021 - Below is a list of how many players we can still take in each age group. This number changes daily as players register and are rostered. To find out what age group your child is in, please go to the "Documents" tab and find the Age Chart. B is for boys and G is for girls. Girls may play on boys teams. If your age group is full but there is availability in the next age group up, you may request to play up. Players are rostered in the order they are registered. Players ages 15U and up have an additional month to register as their games do not start until March 20th or later. All players who register late will be placed on a wait list and your card will not be charged unless your player is rostered to a team. 

04UG = 2 / 04UB = FULL / 05UG = 5 / 05UB = 2  / 06UG = 2 / 06UB - FULL / 07UG - 2 / 07UB = FULL / 08UG = FULL / 08UB = 6 / 09UG = 4 / 09UB =5 / 10UG = 4 / 10UB = 9 / 11UG = FULL / 11UB = 7 / 12UG = FULL / 12UB = 3 /

13UG = FULL / 13UB = 1 / 14UG = FULL / 14UB = FULL / 15UG = 2 / 15UB = FULL / 16-18UG FULL / 16UB = 3/ 19UG = 2/ 17-19UB = FULL


If you are a returning player, the easiest way to register is to click the button below and use the "Returning Player Easy Registration" at the bottom left side of the screen.


January 31st or later

$145   4U - 19U  

Late registration began January 31st. Players who register at this time are not guaranteed to return to their Fall 2020 team. Payment plans are available for 2 easy payments. A $5.00 processing fee will be applied to the last payement. Payments will auto deduct 30 days each from registration date. 

A $5 sibling discount is available for each additional child if you register under your family account. No refunds will be issued if players are not registered properly under the family account. Please email the registrar if you have questions. 

Ages 3 - 19  (New and Returning Players) Players who were born in the year 2017 or before are eligible to play. To find out what age group your child falls under, click here

The Spring season will consist of 8 games (weather permitting) and will begin on or around February 27th and will end on or around the second weekend in May. This may vary a week or so depending on our playing league, Northern Mid-Cities Soccer League. Games will primarily be held on Saturdays but may have an occasional weeknight or Sunday game due to rain outs or dual coach conflicts.


Most questions can be answered found on our Documents page.  


Only registration questions should be sent to the registrar. All players must provide a copy of their birth certificate. Please mail it to PO BOX 54204, Hurst, TX 76054 or scan it and send to husawendy@gmail.com. Players WILL NOT be rostered to a team until a copy has been provided.


Any recreational player currently rostered to a recreational team and wishing to be released to join a competitive team may do only with the written permission of the Member Association in which he/she is currently rostered.


For any questions not related to registration, please contact your age group commissioner. Please refer to our Contact Us page.


De 3 a 19 años (jugadores nuevos y recurrentes) Los jugadores que nacieron en el año 2017 o antes son elegibles para jugar. Para saber a qué grupo de edad pertenece su hijo, haga clic aquí.

La temporada de primavera consistirá en 8 juegos (si el clima lo permite) y comenzará alrededor del 27 de febrero y terminará alrededor del segundo fin de semana de mayo. Esto puede variar aproximadamente una semana dependiendo de nuestra liga de juego, Northern Mid-Cities Soccer League. Los juegos se llevarán a cabo principalmente los sábados, pero pueden tener un juego ocasional entre semana o el domingo debido a la lluvia o los conflictos de entrenadores.


La mayoría de las preguntas se pueden responder en nuestra página de Documentos.

Solo las preguntas de registro deben enviarse al registrador. Todos los jugadores deben proporcionar una copia de su acta de nacimiento. Envíelo por correo a PO BOX 54204, Hurst, TX 76054 o escanéelo y envíelo a husawendy@gmail.com. Los jugadores NO SERÁN inscritos en un equipo hasta que se les proporcione una copia.

Cualquier jugador recreativo actualmente inscrito en un equipo recreativo y que desee ser liberado para unirse a un equipo competitivo puede hacerlo solo con el permiso por escrito de la Asociación Miembro en la que está inscrito actualmente.

Para cualquier pregunta que no esté relacionada con el registro, comuníquese con el comisionado de su grupo de edad. Consulte nuestra página Contáctenos.