A.C.E. Night

 Achieving Club Excellence 

Hurst Athletic Complex (HAC)

February 24th - April 27th


No ACE night on March 9th

All Players and Coaches

6:30pm to 7:30pm - 04U - 16U

(Coaches Please arrive by 6:15)

A.C.E. Night is a training program focused on developing a strong foundation for soccer.  Each session is 60 minutes of developing individual skills through meaningful play. We want to focus on teaching the fundamentals of the beautiful game through providing direction in game like scenarios through the Play-Practice-Play methodology. The licensed Bayern Munich coaches will work side by side with our Hurst United coaches in an effort to jointly grow the development of each player within our club. Following the session the Hurst United Coaches will be provided materials to assist with thier team practices later in the week. Each week will have a separate theme that focuses on one or two aspects of individual development building upon one another.

  • Part 1 Play:  When the players arrive they will be directed into their appropriate age groups and encouraged to make decisions on the ball and play small sided games to warm up, have fun and get mentally prepared for the session. 

  • Part 2 Practice: Players will be provided direction from the coaches based on learning activities that are challenging and guide them to learn and solve problems through repetition.

  • Part 3 Play: Each player will be divided into two teams and play a shortened version of the game as match like as possible. The coaches will be divided and encouraged to collaborate with one another while coaching the mini games. 


A.C.E. nights are highly energetic and incredibly beneficial to ALL players and coaches. This program is free to all Hurst United players and highly encouraged for Hurst Coaches to participate. We enjoy guiding each one of our players as they grow throughout the season and hope to work together in an effort to provide the best possible experience to all of our kids.